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The Jazz Originals Show

Butch HOSTS THE jazz originals radio show
TUESDAYS AT 7PM, - SUNDAYS AT 6PM (repeat) on 88.5 FM Minneapolis

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The formula for this long-running weekly radio show is simple: Butch plays and discusses vintage jazz recordings. With just enough background and analysis, Butch puts the listener in touch with the music's inventors.

According to the great New Orleans pianist and composer Jelly Roll Morton (1890-1941), the music's recipe included everything from blues to opera."

Or as one of the earliest (and best) historians put it:

"At the dawn of this (20th) century, a new music was born in New Orleans. It was a "good time" music, to make the people happy. Its appeal was so immediate that the music soon swept the country and then circled the globe. It was not so much a kind of music as a style of playing. Essentially it was simply a way of "playing a melody with a beat." (William "Bill" Russell, 1905-1992)

The show is broadcast on Tuesdays at 7 pm and repeat on Sundays at 6 pm (CST) from Jazz88FM at 88.5 in Minneapolis. It is also streamed here:

LISTEN ON PRX- A special edition of Butch's show on KBEM 88.5 FM in Minneapolis: Butch & Sarah LaRose-Holland with highlights of their show Captured Currents (Bodies of Water). The two take you on an audio overview of their collaboration. Sarah draws vivid imagery of each dance, Butch accompanies dancers on piano and clarinet.

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